Our objectives:

  • To provide safe homes with support from a team experienced in mental health and addiction issues.
  • To offer an individualised approach to each resident. Taking into consideration all of their needs, discovering their hopes and dreams and supporting them to achieve the life they want.
  • To keep true to our belief that each of us are made for a purpose and none are beyond help.

Our values:

  • We offer dignity to all our residents, potential residents and ex-residents.
  • We understand that we are all equal.
  • We always try to make all who come into contact with us, feel welcomed and accepted.
  • We understand our residents need purpose, value and identity as much as we do.


All staff and volunteers are expected to operate according to the values expressed in this ethos statement we believe that vulnerable adults should neither be coerced in religious matters, nor excluded from the opportunities to explore the Christian faith that are available to others. We do this by sharing our stories and discussing their beliefs and invite them to come to a Church should they be interested. We believe no one is beyond being saved and entering into a relationship with Christ and gaining an understanding of His love and grace nor that it is our role to make judgement. We work towards replicating God’s love to the residents whether they accept Christ or not.

Edge Housing full ethos and values are available on request. Edge Housing works within Oxford Community Church’s ethos which is also available on request.