Team Effort Results in Rehab for a Very Brave Resident

J* came to us many months ago very underweight and on a cycle of payday drinking which would mean days of consistent drinking, no eating and often ending up in hospitals or being brought home by police. The man we saw between these times was a caring, compassionate and talented man but he was unable to fight the urge when he had money. For months we supported him and challenged him and listened to him and just over a month ago he made the brave decision to go to a rehabilitation centre. We can’t share pictures of him but believe us when we say he’s gone from malnourished and hunched over to having gained weight, is standing tall and most importantly – smiling. His keyworker drives up at the weekend in his own time to spend the day with him and we are just so proud of what he has achieved. The right time, the right support and a large dose of hope really can bring about transformatio

Good News Story!

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