From Prison to Purpose

L* came to us from Springhill Prison, he had served many years and most of his relationships had been broken over time. He didn’t know what he wanted to do but knew he didn’t want to go back to the life he led. During his time at Edge, we helped him find work and within six months he had been promoted. With this he found confidence in his himself and that he had a purpose and reached out to his son, it took many months but their relationship is strong and he moved on to rent his own flat. 

No Longer a ‘Wasted’ Life

S* had been rough sleeping for more years than he can remember, he used heroin to help the pain of what he felt was a wasted life. He slept in the woods away from people as his anxiety was too bad to speak to anyone. He has been with us for three years and in that time he has gone into recovery on opiate replacements, reduced slowly until he stopped using any drugs and recently began volunteering. He now has structure, purpose and is looking to gaining a qualification. 

Finding Friends and Happiness

G* was homeless at a young age following being in an orphanage. He had undiagnosed learning disabilities and was bullied through his teenage years. Having spent up to 20 years in the homeless sector between hostels with time limits he came to us. He has found friendship in his home, enjoys volunteering and hangs out at church with new friends. He says he has never been so happy in his life.