Here at Edge Housing we love working alongside Brookes University to offer both Social Work Students and Occupational Therapy Students placements and we feel we gain as much from them as they say they gain from us. Sadie has just finished her placement with us and we are so sad to see her go but know she won’t become a stranger and hope her the best in her studies and just know she will make an amazing Social Worker. Here’s what she wrote:

“Working at Edge Housing for my adult placement, has really allowed me me to grow as a training Social Worker ! I believed my wings have grown! I am ever so thankful for this placement because it was a true blessing!

Edge Housing has allowed me to grow not only as a training professional but as a person. I’ve becoming more understanding to a diverse group of people with different backgrounds! I grew up in London & I’ve never really noticed or had any understanding for homeless people. But working at Edge has really removed the city shackles from my eyes and opened my heart into this field! As people we tend to wear the rose tinted glasses, this makes us forget that there are real issues going on with homelessness within today’s society! Edge Housing, go above and beyond to try and do what they can! A small team with a huge passion and desire! I never expected to feel so welcomed and cared for! But Edge really opened their arms to me and their extending team (family)! I believe if you want work experience or just want to simply volunteer with homelessness, Edge Housing is the best and right place to go! “

We Love Our Students!

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